We encourage communities, organisations and individuals to get involved in the actual projects rather than making of eco-bricks for donation only. The following projects have been earmarked. We have partnered with Earthly Touch Solutions and other organisation to project manage the implementation of eco-brick projects

Classroom at Khensani’s Collection in Diepsloot – August 2020

Construction of Classrooms

A classroom was built and donated to Khensani’s collection as they had 40 students housed in 1 classroom. This project helped with social distancing as now they are 2 classrooms on site. Plans are in place to replace the zinc classroom with an eco-brick classroom.

Eco-Brick Bin Making

Once funding has been secured, we are planning to join the Keep Diepsloot clean initiative by providing eco-bins to be placed at street corners, schools, churches. Awareness workshops will be arranged to encourage the public to stop dumping litter and utilise the bins. Support of Pikitup will be critical to ensure that his rubbish collected. Public will also be encouraged to place plastic bottles and litter in separate bins to be collected by waste makers and supplied to eco-brick makers. We have identified a number of youth who will be trained to make these bins once funding has been secured.

Eco-Brick Making

We are currently involved in eco-brick making with a number of organisations and individuals.


We are planning to roll out eco-brick gardens with the first pilot project earmarked for Tsakane in Ekhululeni.