Earthly Touch Foundation 

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Earthly Touch Foundation

 Earthly Touch Foundation (ETF) is a Non-Profit organisation whose main focus is to,  contribute to the reduction of global warming through collection of plastic waste and repurposing it into eco-bricks which are then used for construction, making of furniture, and in agriculture. The organisation was registered in 2020 operating out of Gauteng with the main focus in training and education of communities on the impact of plastic pollution and how they can participate in saving their own environment from the impact of plastic pollution. ETF is BBBEE level 1 with its activities aimed at benefiting previously disadvantaged communities through training, skills development and job creation  within their own environment. 


Our vision is to actively contribute to the world‘s target of reducing  plastic pollution by 2050 thereby ensuring that global warming is reduced. We aim to empower communities to own keeping their environment free of litter and plastic pollution through awareness programs.


To contribute to the reduction of plastic pollution by mobilising communities through awareness, training and education to eliminate plastic in their environment. We aim to create a circular economy aimed at reducing the impact of Global Warming. Our skills develop initiatives are aimed at uplifting women and youth to enable them to create employment through recycling.

Our Programs

Plastic Litter Collection

The communities are mobilised to collect plastic litter and stop dumping waste.

Eco-Brick Making 

Community members are trained on how to make eco-bricks. 

Training & Skills Development 

Community members with special focus on youth and women are given technical and entrepreneurship training as part of our skills development initiative. 

Collection of Donated Eco-Bricks 

Organizations and individuals make and donate bricks.

Our Eco-brick Construction Journey